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Life Hacks That Absolutely No One Needs (24 pics)

How to tie your shoes differently.
How to graffiti without people noticing.
How to go down the stairs.
How to make a cloud in a bottle.
How to put on a swimming cap really quickly.
How to see through fogged glass.
How to draw a 3D hand.
How to peel a sliced mango.
How to lace up your shoes.
How to tie a tie differently.
How to balance a can at a 45 degree angle.
How to play "Happy Birthday" on your phone.
How to touch every space on a chess board only once with a knight.
How to make a CD case out of paper.
How to be a table.
How to make a scrambles egg in its shell.
How to fold a shirt like a ninja.
How to blow a long bubble with a CD.
How to meditate.
How to make shadow puppets.
How to fold a shirt out of money.
How to open a stuck lid with duct tape.
How to light a candle by lighting smoke.
How to empty a bottle the coolest way possible.

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