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Today’s Kids Won’t Understand These Things at All (29 pics)

A lack of Google.
Passing notes in class.
Watching a screen for over a minute before you got online.
Keeping your art kit clean and organized.
Logging on to MSN.
Rewinding or fixing a video tape.
Forgetting to feed your Tamagotchi.
Trying to fit your discman in your pocket.
These bad boys.
Dinosaurs--the TV show.
Phone cables.
Clear phones (or any phone with a cord).
Robot dog.
Blow-up furniture.
Trying to watch Homeward Bound.
When Blockbuster was popular.
Shell necklaces.
When your laser-tag ran out of batteries.
Putting film in a camera and then having to get it developed.
Game Boy.
Kenan and Kel.
Installing Windows 95.
Ring Pops.
Mood rings.
Boy Meets World.

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