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GIFs of Things You Would Probably Never Normally Get to See in Action (36 gifs)

A tattoo needle in slow motion.
A baseball being crushed.
A clock that writes the time.
A helicopter’s blade frequency synchronized with a camera’s shutter speed.
A time lapse of tendrils finding support.
Blowing out multiple candles with a single burst of air.
A dog drinking water in slow motion.
A time lapse of a day in the arctic summer, when the sun does not set.
A pitcher throwing a breaking ball in slow motion.
A time lapse of fans leaving a stadium.
A mimic octopus camouflaging with its surrounding.
A secret backyard swimming pool.
A time lapse of braces straightening teeth.
Blood mixing with snake venom.
Freezing supercooled water.
A spider crab molting its shell in one piece.
A neodymium magnet manipulating a television screen.
The formation of an enormous soap bubble.
A bisection of a key opening a lock.
A water drop bouncing on the surface of water in slow motion.
A drag racer’s tire.
A straight pole passing through a curved opening.
The movement on a perfectly shot soccer ball.
A tree falling during a storm.
A time lapse of a pinecone blooming.
Seven thousand fireworks accidentally being shot off at once.
A motorbike traveling across the surface of water.
A time lapse of a storm approaching a city.
Damien Walters running a full loop in slow motion.
The underside of a wave.
Cutting open a watermelon with rubber bands.
An orange peel versus an open flame.
The 13 circles that make up Twitter’s logo.
A way to skateboard up stairs.
A time lapse of an aging woman.
And this.

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