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Dreamy Places You Will Want to Take a Nap in (39 pics)

On a ship.

In a Jane Austen novel.

In Bali and Morocco.

In the countryside.

In the mountains.


Overlooking a pool.

In a tree.

Near a lake.

In a hammock.

Closer to the earth.

In a garden.

In a tent.

On the water.

Overlooking the horizon.

In the desert.

Bathed in morning light.

Facing a lush backyard.

Facing the light of dusk.

In a swing.

Surrounded by your favorite tales.

In your dream car.

Near a window.

In a cabin.

Smelling the sea breeze.

In a field.

Under a skylight.

In a city.

In a different era.

In a perfectly unmade bed.

Surrounded by friends.


In a loft.

In a forest.

Warmed by the glow of the sun.

Facing natural beauty.

Somewhere with high ceilings.

Someplace simple.

In the clouds.

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