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15 Groovy Photos Of High School Fashion In 1969

1.Corona del Mar High School students Kim Robertson, Pat Auvenshine, and Pam Pepin, in a mix of mod and Pucci-inspired outfits.
2.Beverly Hills High School student Rosemary Shoong in a Native American–inspired dress she made herself.
3.A group of students at Beverly Hills High — but how did this girl’s (center) parents allow her to leave the house dressed in a sheer white outfit?.
4.Newport Beach, California, student Lenore Reday crossing the street and kinda with her smile.
5.Even the teachers were super chic.
6.This girl in the denim jumper.
7.A student taking some cues from hippie/bohemian fashion, dressed in a wool shawl and a tapestry print skirt.
8.Beverly Hills High School student Erica Farber in a black-and-white gingham, tiered top (dress?) and flared yellow trousers.
9.Student wearing a hippie-inspired buckskin vest.
10.Marching band plays their instruments while a trio of female students stand among them.
11.Lots of fringe and vests happening in this photo taken at Woodside High School, in Woodside, Calif.
12.Students on campus at Woodside High School.
13.A girl in velour bell-bottoms.
14.There is no way a student would be allowed to wear this to school today.
15.Unidentified student rocks a miniskirt while walking along a disused railroad track, Bird City, Kansas.

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