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18 Weird And Unusual Stuff That is Totally Real

1.A Beer From the Guys in Hanson.
2.Anti-Pervert Hairy Leggings for Girls.
3.Bacon Coffee.
4.The Book Vending Machine.
5.Mermaid Tails You Can Swim in.
6.Fried Chicken Pizza.
7.The Gentleman’s Survival Kit.
8.Goldfish-Flavored Mac and Cheese.
9.Guinea Pig Armor.
10.The Millenium Falcon Bed.
11.‘Play Safe’ Nintendo-Styled Condom Packages.
12.Pizza and Spaghetti-Flavored Slushies.
13.A Restaurant That Compares Its Burritos to Babies.
14.A Pet Mode for Cameras.
15.Marijuana-Infused Bacon.
16.An App That Helps You Document All The Places You’ve Pooped.
17.A Street-Legal Bumper Car.
18.Watermelon Oreos.

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