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8 Embarrassing Photos of People Stuck

1.Man who had to be rescued from a McDonald's high chair. An unnamed man in Cork, Ireland stopped by a McDonald's outlet and, for some reason, he sat in a high chair designed for infants and toddlers. When he couldn't get out, police were called. They managed to free the man from the high chair and no charges were filed.
2.Man stuck in a toilet bowl in Claremont. An unnamed man was rescued from a toilet in Claremont, Cape Town in May 2013. The man had somehow gotten himself stuck in the bowl of a portable loo on a building site. He was so stuck, in fact, that only his legs, arms, and head were sticking out! According to Baydu Adams, a Cape Town blogger who witnessed the bizarre situation unfold, passers-by heard a panicked shouting coming from inside the toilet.
3.Student who needed help from firefighters after getting his head stuck in a chair. In 2005, Jimmy Skufka, a fourth grade student at Turtleville Elementary School, got his head stuck in a chair while "pretending to be Anakin Skywalker trying to battle Boba Fett."
4.Robber who got stuck in an air shaft. In 2007, a man who was trying to rob a pharmacy wound up crying for help after becoming stuck in an air shaft for 10 hours. It took firefighters an hour and a half to free Jeffery Mumani, 25, from the metal air shaft at a CVS store.
5.Prisoner who got stuck in a wall during an attempted escape. A Brazilian prisoner's attempt to escape from jail ended in humiliating and amusing failure when the overweight criminal got stuck halfway. Amused guards snapped photos after discovering the portly prisoner wedged in his getaway hole.
6.Teen who was stuck in a Chimney. Here comes Santa Claus? Nope, it's actually a 17-year-old kid trying to come down the chimney. Instead, he ended up being stuck for almost 12 hours! Some might call it karma: The teen was actually trying to rob the house, police say.
7.Toddler who was trapped in a lolly machine. An Australian toddler was so determined to help himself to sweets from a lolly machine that he climbed through the tiny dispensing hatch, ending up imprisoned inside four walls of glass.
8.Drunken Swedish moose stuck in an apple tree. It's not a person, but it's equally bizarre. A moose is seen stuck in an apple tree in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 6, 2011. The moose was trying to eat apples from the tree and the police believe the animal became intoxicated by the fermented apples. The moose was freed by police officers and, after taking a nap on the lawn, he sobered up and returned to the woods.

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