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10 Hilarious Fountains Around the World

1.The Fountain of Neptune is a monumental civic fountain located in the eponymous square Piazza Nettuno, next to Piazza Maggiore, in Bologna, Italy.
2.Swarovski, a manufacturer of glass crystal, has a museum and garden in Wattens, Austria. This enormous fountain stands in front of it.
3.Jeanneke Pis is a modern fountain and statue in Brussels, which forms a counterpoint in gender terms to the city's trademark Manneken Pis at the Grand Place.
4.The newest Weber sculptures to grace London's South Bank are engaging, to say the least. The artist, Klaus Weber, a self-proclaimed "Fountain Artist," pokes fun at the less attractive side of the human race in an eco-friendly way.
5.Crown Fountain is an interactive work of public art and video sculpture featured in Chicago's Millennium Park, which is located in the Loopcommunity area.
6.An employee of PianoWorks, a piano dealer in Atlanta, found a creative new use for a wrecked piano. It's now a planter and a fountain that pumps 2,000 gallons an hour.
7.The Canberra Times Fountain by Robert Woodward is located at the Intersection of Ainslie Avenue and City Walk in Canberra, Australia.
8.Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea utilizes 9,380 nozzles to spray out colorful, wing-like fountain sprays on either side of the bridge.
9.This mesmerizing water fountain was designed by British sculptor William Pye and sits in front of Seaham Hall in Sunderland. The clear cylinder holds filtered water that rushes around to create a beautiful air-core vortex.
10.It may look Photoshopped, but this Magic Tap fountain actually has a pipe hidden in the stream of water. Located in Aqualand, Spain.

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