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Creepy Examples of Twilight Craziness

1. A teenager was arrested for drunk driving and blamed her boyfriend for not taking her to see the new Twilight movie.

2.A 56-year-old Twilight fan decorated an entire room with Edward photos.

3.A woman got a full-back Twilight tattoo to celebrate her losing 70 pounds.

4.A teen murder suspect claims to be a vampire and part werewolf.

5.A hand model got $300 for lending her hands to the $400million franchise and is now looking for recogntion.

6.A hotel in Forks offers rooms themed after the Twilight saga.

7.Dentists are offering Twilight Teeth.

8.Carolina Herrera is commercializing the wedding dress she designed for Bella Swan.

9.Etsy seller is selling crocheted Twilight mittens.

10.Neatoroma is selling Bella's Hair Combs.

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