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10 Most Weirdest Judges in Court

1.The US judge who jailed a man for yawning in court.

2.The judge who ducted tape to keep noisy defendant's mouth shut.

3.The judge who ordered a man suing his parents for allowance to move out and find a job.

4.The judge who passed a sentence over the phone because the defendant was late to court.

5.The judge who jailed own worker for typing too slowly.

6.The judge who used her twin sister to impersonate her on court so she could be double-booked.

7.The judge who tried himself, convicted himself and then released himself for good behavior.

8.The judge who got fired for consulting his imaginary mystical dwarves during sessions.

9.The judge who got fired for jailing all of the 46 people present at the court.

10.The judge who sued the city for $1m after slip-up in court.

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