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10 Bizarre Shops and Markets

1.Strippers World – a shop dedicated to the stripping business

2.Deyrolle – the creepiest taxidermy shop in Paris

3.Muara Kuin Floating Market – a market where you shop by boat

4.Witch's Market – where you can buy the weirdest kinds of amulets

5.Lomé Voodoo Market – a market to buy elephants' feet and leopards' heads

6.Freitag's Container Shop – a shop made out of recycled containers

7.The Old Umbrella Shop – the cutest place to buy an umbrella

8.Rope – a Japanese schoolgirl-fetish shop

9.Gypsy Brides Market – a market where you can get yourself a wife

10.Ka Firushi Bird market – Kabul's bird bazaar

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