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15 Hilarious Newspaper Mistakes and Apology Notes

1.Misspells are common, but misspelling your own name? That's what New Hampshire's Valley News did!

2.“Oh, sorry for calling you a hore”!

3.Cilantro sounds way better than cement

4.Oops! Newspaper Uses Image of Tina Fey on 'SNL' as Official Sarah Palin Photograph

5.This correction is a puzzle altogether

6.Cause prostitution and failing to stop at a railroad sign are soooo similar.

7.The Herald Sun, Australia's largest daily newspaper, published a news flash online with the following subhead, “HACKERS have unlocked Microsoft's new iPhone, allowing it to be used by any network.

8.Front Page News

9.British newspaper has given up on writing headlines entirely

10.“US wins 1-1”, claims US newspaper.

11.Poor oldies.. they thought they were having a dinner to celebrate the Grandparent's Day and instead they became the dinner.

12.Ontario News

13.The Los Angeles Examiner “War Extra” of Feb. 25, 1942 proclaimed in large letters across its front page: “AIR BATTLE RAGES OVER LOS ANGELES“.

14.“Hey, one cop dead, two hurt, let's celebrate”.

15.There is not only misspelling mistake but also wrong information.

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