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30 Worst Translated Subtitles

1."Hally Porter"

2.What are the crap!

3.Don't get me wrong...?

4.The salty pot is our favorite, too.

5."Slay them all!"

6."War Mongering"

7.Frodo Speaks Ebonics

8.Well, that just doesn't make any sense.

9."He told me hands-fertilization of idea but not enough to fight me."

10."The Backstroke of the West"

11."He is in my behind!"


13.He's mad as hell and he's not gonna... is no more!

14.Poor Horse

15."I think there's a connection between Michelle and the murder in the alley."

16.Educational Kid's Show FAIL

17.If only mild beer really did waft in from other counties...

18."This be "

19.Looks like we've been proofed out by other one.

20.Someone fell asleep on the job.

21.Killing dead guys is a really difficult crime fighting tactic to master.

22."Your fun, love fun resembles Eddie Murphy!"

23."Which door you what to send?"

24.Who knew he was into that sort of thing?

25."I'm a wild and you can tag along."

26.Moore Cushion for the Pushin'

27.A Very 1337 IT Crowd

28.Turtles are pretty cute, actually.

29.Food coma?

30."They teach in our Police stealthily record the talk of Stealthily people!"

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