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30 Hilarious Hipster Tattoos

1.The stinkiest cupcakes ever

2.What will she tell her kids about this one?

3.The most gangster Ben Franklin ever

4.The Black Flag logo out of PBR's, a hipster's favorite beer

5.Where's her other nipple?

6.Remember, you get what you pay for

7.A fixed gear bike and a mullet.

8.The makeup of his favorite fixed gear bike

9.Those hip tattoos must be one of a kind.

10.The least functional pair of glasses ever

11.Twitter whale tattoo

12.Thug life vs. hug life

13.A hipster's version of the tramp stamp

14.What kind of baby would a unicorn and a dolphin make, anyway?

15.A web designer expresses her love for the job in pictures.

16.A greasy piece of bacon that has a whopping zero calories!

17.The toilet angel

18.Chocolate rain

19.Sad robot smoking a cigarette

20.No, Michael! Not my no-no spot!

21.What do those antlers lead to?

22.This guy is just as loud as his stereo.

23.How corny!

24.A green zombie angel

25.She wins the prize for most obscure -- we have no idea what this is!

26.Everything about this picture is just so darn silly

27.Scratching her tiny crooked record

28.It's a six pack, get it?

29.That tampon doesn't look vegan to us!

30.Your shoes are untied.

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