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28 Weird Candles

1.Why, why Miss American Candle? You look so tasty but you're too hot to handle.

2.Light, Crisp With Just the Right Amount of Hops

3.This is the height of classiness for any incredibly famous English spy.

4.And over the waters, there came a light so bright the whole world saw.

5.Should you even light it? Probably not!

6.Instead of getting pricked, you get to watch it melt

7.Good for all occasions, except teaching your kids it's not okay to play with matches.

8.Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

9.But where did all the wine go?

10.Swiss? I prefer Jarlsberg

11.And it will...nothing is going to stop it.

12.Jim Morrison has nothing on this

13.The most useful candles ever.

14.No, you may not play with these Legos

15.Ethanol will save us all

16.From Attila the Hun's personal collection

17.This kiss promises to be a scorcher

18.Bitter ex-wives, eat your heart out

19.The irony is overpowering

20.Sunny-Side Flame

21.It melts espresso so you don't have to wait

22.This boot was made for fire and that's just what it do, in not too long this boot is gonna look more like a shoe

23.Don't melt the baby

24.Most Dangerous Game


26.Not the Best Defended Castles

27.This candle's aroma? Uncomfortable.

28.Be my guest, be my guest, put this candle to the test!

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