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25 Hilarious Inaccurate Knock-Off Toys


2.Skateboarding Super Bat

3.Politic Pat doesn't sound like much fun.

4.Polystation, the cheap and poorly reviewed Playstation knock-off.

5.Robert Cop

6.It's better than Malignant Girl.

7.Space of the Apes



10.Nightmare Feddy has a really bad case of astigmatism.

11.Pocket Monica: Jump Jupm Chess

12.Laser Sword

13.Titanic-Bot would have saved so many lives.

14.Phone Kitty

15.Super Change

16.Da He: A Snowstorm Can Be Exciting

17.Pet's Little Intelligent Spirit.To Children: Please Go To Collect!
the Little SMART SPIRIT!Zone Power Of Spinning

18.Super Robot: Transformable Tomas

19.Funnt Toys

20.Pirate Cutlass: Pirates of the High Seas

21.Speed Racing: Handsome Appearance


23.Blandness Girl

24.Tickle Elmo -- He Is HOT Too !!!


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