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20 Challenging Road Signs

Weird-looking duck you’ve got there!
No, you cannot have it both ways
Wandering travelers in stereotypical dress for the next 2 k
That seems like a challenging road to tackle at 45 mph
Aw, that’s sweet
No loud swearing, motherf*%$ers!
Thanks for clearing that up.
Doesn’t the fact that we’re reading you mean you are in use, Mr. existential sign?
Funny, that humped zebra looks an awful lot like a human.
Well, at least you’ve been warned.
Gotta be in New Zealand somewhere
Must be a cobble-stoned street. Either that or the fashion police is out in full force
Gotta watch out for those floating cars. This must be near Roswell, New Mexico
Don’t ride on magic flying carpets that might fray in mid-flight.
Aw, how reassuring!
Watch for giant, telepathic moose who’ll destroy your car without even touching it.
Similarly, watch out for giant mosquitoes that will take you back to their swamp for probing
If you are driving a car that is on fire or exploding, you may not take this road.
If the first sign doesn’t work, just keep asking
Form a wagon circle, in other words

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