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15 Hilarious Redundant Photos

Bud Light salutes real men of genius. Here’s to you, drinking four beers
at the same time guy. (Drinking four beers at the same time guy!)
Anybody know where to get some pizza? If only there were some way of knowing.
Now this just needs to be diamond-encrusted. Then you can get ice from Ice out of an iced-out ice machine.
If you made a Blizzard out of Oreo Blizzard Oreos it would open a
wormhole, pass the event horizon, and usher in a tasty apocalypse.
Dad? . . . Other dad? Other dad?
Nice cat costume, cat. Now no one will think you’re a cat.
Who has two thumbs and too much free time? *this guy*
This guy is ready for anything James Cameron can dish out.
This cat has evolved cat-in-cat technology for additional overpowering cuteness.
This is a real clock. I don’t have any comment about it. I just wanted you to be aware it exists.
Behold, the king of dogs.
I spoke too soon. This is the king of dogs.
The referee would have laughed at the image on the screen, except, being that he’s a ref, he’s f*cking blind.
When you finally get this tin open, it’s filled with aluminum pull tabs.
The search is over. We’ve found the coolest man alive.

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