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13 Natural Pareidolia Faces on Tress

1.This fine melancholic tree face was Photogaphed in or near Ottawa,Canada
2.Is tht tree smiling to me
3.Googly Eyes
4.Strange face in a tree of San Diego,USA
5.A funny face view from the right angle
6.Look closely and you will see a smiling face
7.Scores of people flocked to a village in northern malaysia to see this bettle nut tree which has sprouted a human-like face.
8.Haunting face imprinted on a tree
9.This terrifying screaming tree was captured in Hither Hills State Park,Montauk,New york.
10.Buddha face in a tree
11.Now thats scary.
12.A lion perhaps?
13.It resembles an animal face,doesn't it?

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