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10 Weird Festivals From Around the World

1.Naki sumo:the baby crying festival
2.lvrea carnival:the orange throwing festival
3.Rapa das Bestas:the horse wrestling festival
4.Testicle festival:eating bull's testicles
5.Kanamara matsuri:the festival of steel phallus
6.Moose Dropping festival:dropping 1,000 moose nuggets from hot air ballon onto the crowd below
7.Boryeong festival:summer's Mud Party
8.Christians V/S Moors festival:a re enactment of battle between Moors and Christians
9.Argungu fishing festival:Pulling the biggest fish out of the river with your bare hands
10.Cheung chau Bun festival:scrambling up a tower and plucking off plastic buns

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